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Please consider the following: The WB (White Balance) corresponds closely with the camera's setting not the recorded Raw Data value on the camera.

*1 » The WB setting value of the camera is not acquired.
*2 » Although the WB value setting of the camera is acquired, AWB is treated as sunlight.
*3 » The WB setting value of the camera is not acquired. The compression record mode of RAW is also not acquired.
*4 » Since this model is a special type with high sensitivity for infrared ray, the color reproduction may not work well on the object having a strong infrared radiation.
*5 » There are some limitations to develop the DNG. Please refer to " DNG Files Available with this Software" of the manual.
*6 » In some mode, the number of recorded pixels is different from the development result created by the camera internal.
*7 » Attached with R8 or R9 only.
*8 » In case of sRAW and mRAW, the part feature is limited. Demosaic sharp is not available.
*9 » Images whose file formats are mRaw or sRaw may not be developed properly, when the images are taken under specific light sources such as tungsten light.
*10 » The size of "RAW S" is not supported currently.
*11 » SILKYPIX determines color temperature and color deflection according to "TONING" settings in camera. These values are our assumed values for white balance of RAW images. These assumed values do not guarantees that the image quality of developed RAW images is the same to JPEG images which are recorded at the same time. SILKYPIX supposes that color temperature and color deflection for RAW images are 5200K and 3 when "TONING" is disabled.
*12 » For a RAW image with the size of "RAW S", several features such as a demosaicing sharpness are unavailable.

Note: The development process for the RAW Data was created to work with the cameras from the correspondence list. Furthermore, the color standard produced by your camera will be reproduced using the new WB processing.

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