SILKYPIX® JPEG Photography 8 English Software Manual

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Thank you very much for using SILKYPIX® JPEG Photography 8.
[SILKYPIX® JPEG Photography] was developed to expand the limits in quality of digital images by using a highly advanced raw engine – helping the user of Digital SLRs to get the most out of every picture taken and providing an easy way to control the path from the picture to the image.


0. Overview and Introduction

0.1. Section Names
0.2. What is SILKYPIX® JPEG Photography?
0.3. Difference to Other Photo Retouching Software

1. Startup

1.1. Installation and Execution
1.2. Trial and Registration of Product Key
1.3. Operations using Windows

2. Designating image files for processing

2.1. Opening File
2.2. Opening Folder

3. Display modes

3.1. Switching Display Modes
3.2. Preview window
3.3. Thumbnail window
3.4. Operations for selected images
3.5. Arranging parameters controls and sub-controls
3.6. Turning floating window display on / off
3.7. Icons that show status of image

4. How to Adjust Development Parameter

4.1. "Parameters Controls" and "Sub-control"
4.2. Sub-control
4.3. Exposure Bias
4.4. White Balance
4.5. Tone
4.6. Color Adjustment
4.7. Sharpening / Noise Reduction
4.8. Development settings
4.9. Highlight controller
4.10. Fine Color Controller
4.11. Lens Aberration Controller
4.12. Rotation/Shift lens effect
4.13. Effects
4.14. Crop tool
4.15. Monochrome controller
4.16. Underwater photo controller
4.17. Spotting tools
4.18. Partial correction tool
4.19. Editing history
4.20. Image properties
4.21. Other

5. Saving Development Process and Development Results

5.1. Develop
5.2. Batch develop
5.3. Settings for development and saving

6. Useful Functions for Adjustment

6.1. Display warning
6.2. Histogram
6.3. Navigator
6.4. Shortcut Keys and Function Keys
6.5. How to Use Storerooms

7. Development Parameter Operation

7.1. Copy development parameters
7.2. Save Development Parameters
7.3. Load Development Parameters
7.4. Initialize Development Parameters
7.5. Copy Development Parameters to Storerooms
7.6. Set Development Parameters to Multiple Images
7.7. Operations for Multiple Selected Images
7.8. Select Taste
7.9. Add taste

8. File Operation and Printing

8.1. Delete Procedures
8.2. Copy/Move Procedures
8.3. Files to be Deleted, Copied, or Moved
8.4. Rename/Batch rename
8.5. Printing
8.6. Print Preview of Multiple Images
8.7. Plug-ins

9. Option and Setting

9.1. File output settings
9.2. Display settings
9.3. Function settings
9.4. Shortcut keys settings
9.5. Default parameters settings
9.6. Imprint data settings
9.7. Import and export settings
9.8. Options
9.9. Troubleshooting settings

10. How to Handle SILKYPIX® Perfectly

10.1. Techniques
10.2. Knowledge

11. Troubleshooting

11.1. How to check the software version and your registered information
11.2. Troubleshooting for "Registration of Product Key"

12. License Agreement

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This software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.

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