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SILKYPIX® Developer Studio 2.0

Comparison Chart

Exposure bias Unit of EV check check
Exposure fine-tuning   check
Exposure bias tool(white point specification) check check
Automatic exposure correction check check
White balance Preset selection check check
Auto white balance(SILKYPIX AWB) check check
Color temperature   check
Color deflection   check
Dark adjustment   check
Gray balance tool(gray point specification) check check
WB Adjust White balance adjustment   check
Hue slider   check
Saturation slider   check
Sharpness Preset selection check check
Outline emphasis   check
Detail emphasis   check
False outline ctrl.   check
Tone Preset selection check check
Contrast   check
Contrast center   check
Gamma   check
Black level   check
Tone curve(RGB independent tone curve)   check
Color Preset selection check check
Saturation   check
Color space   check
Color mode   check
NR False color ctrl.   check
Noise reduction   check
Noise level   check
Noise cancel   check
Development setting Dev precision check check
Reserve check check
Batch development   check
Auto preview check check
Save parameter check check
Cloakroom(Copy development parameter) check check
Load parameter check check
Developed image JPEG,TIFF JPEG,TIFF
Exif information check check
Image resolution change(pixel) check check
ICC profile recording check check
Fine color controller Color palette   check
Adjustment by slider   check
Customizing function of display form of parameter control Floating window   check
Control box   check
Highlight controller Saturation tone ctrl   check
Saturation hue ctrl   check
Restoration   check
Lens aberration controller Shading   check
Distortion   check
Chromatic aberration   check
Rotation/Digital shift Rotate(90 degree,CW/CCW) check check
Rotation tool   check
Digital shift   check
Setting for trimming Size free   check
Image ratio   check
Fixed ratio   check
Preset   check
Highlight/Shadow warning Highlight/Shadow warning check check
Enable Out of Gamut warning check check
Others Thumbnail mode check check
Copy of development parameter check check
Paste of development parameter check check
Partial Paste of development parameter check check
Histogram check check
Color management check check
Exif property function check check
Rename/batch Rename   check
Display grid check check
Key setting check check
Print   check
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