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Privacy Policy for this Website

Our company may request customers to provide private information using online forms. Whether or not a customer wishes to participate in this program is their personal decision.
However, if a customer chooses to participate in this program, our company may request them to provide various personal information such as their name, home address, and e-mail address.

Our company recognizes the importance of protecting personal information. Therefore we have implemented the following protective measures.

"Personal Information" refers to information that can be used to identify a customer.
Information that can be used to identify a customer includes the customer's name, age, birth date, telephone number, e-mail address, home address, or work address. This includes any one piece or any combination of this information.

The following four points are the fundamental principles of our company's privacy protection policy.

1. Clear Indication of Intended Purpose and Prohibition of Any Other Usages

When personal information is provided by one of our customers, we shall clearly indicate the intended purpose beforehand and we shall strictly limit its usage to this intended purpose.
If we wish to use personal information for any other usage outside the indicated purpose, we shall inform the purpose to the customer beforehand.
If a customer does not agree with the newly informed usage, the customer can decide to deny usage of his personal information for the new purpose.

If a customer does not wish to provide personal information to our company, this is possible based on the customer's personal decision.
(However, if a certain service requires personal information, it may not be possible to provide that particular service.)
2. Non-Disclosure & Non-Provisional Agreement Regarding Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party
With the exception of the following cases, we do not provide personal information from our customers to any third parties.
  • When we have the customer's permission.
  • When it is deemed necessary in order to answer an inquiry from an affiliated company or agency.
  • When a court, police department, or other administrative agency makes a legal inquiry.
  • When a customer violates a law, one of our company's regulations, or conventional wisdom.
  • If our company is transferred such as through merging, corporate separation, or transfer of business.
  • When it is necessary to protect the rights or profits of our company, other users, or another third party.
3. Strict & Proper Control of Customer Personal Information
We shall exercise strict and careful control of our customer's private information.
We shall also implement strict security measures to prevent loss, misuse, or alteration of personal information.
4. Statistical Data Usage
Our company may create statistical data based on the provided personal information, but this data shall be processed so that it cannot be used to identify our customers.
Our company shall have the right to use personal information for statistical data without permission if it cannot be used to identify our customers.
* Inquiry Regarding "Personal Information"
In order to prevent information leakage to a third party, when a customer wishes to confirm their personal information, we shall inform the customer's personal information stored by our company only when our company can confirm that the request has been made by the actual customer.
In order to prevent alteration to personal information by a third party, when a customer wishes to correct or modify their personal information, we shall modify or delete incorrect or old information only when our company can confirm that the request has been made by the actual customer.
* Cookies
Cookies are small pieces of information sent by the web server to the customer's browser to make internet operations more effective. Our company may use cookies in order to customize our website to the needs of our customers and in order to improve website contents and services.
Each customer can set their browser not to receive cookies or to display an alarm when a cookie is received.
However, in such cases, the customer may be restricted from using certain personalized features.
* Other Items
  • Our company complies with all laws related to the usage of personal information provided by our customers.
  • Our company may modify this personal information protection policy in order to improve our company's protection of personal information or to respond to changes in Japanese Law.
  • Our company shall not accept responsibility for the security of customer information on other websites linked to this website.
  • If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact our general window by e-mail at
    Customer personal information used for inquiries is protected using SSL encryption. If your browser is not compatible with SSL, or depending on your Firewall settings, it may not be possible to access this page from an in-house network. Please keep this in mind.
Date of Enactment: April 17, 2006
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