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Using "SILKYPIX Developer Studio SE Version" and its Web Contents

Terms of Service Range

Users of "SILKYPIX Developer Studio SE Version" and its web contents (from now on referred to simply as users) must accept the following terms of service.

Registered Information

In the following cases, after confirmation, our company may disclose registered user information including usage history and e-mail contents.

  • When we have the customer's permission.
  • When it is deemed necessary in order to answer an inquiry from an affiliated company or agency.
  • When a court, police department, or other administrative agency makes a legal inquiry.
  • When a customer violates a law, one of our company's regulations, or conventional wisdom.
  • If our company is transferred such as through merging, corporate separation, or transfer of business.
  • When it is necessary to protect the rights or profits of our company, other users, or another third party.

Exclusion of Liability

We shall not accept responsibility for communication line and computer system interruption, delay, discontinuation, data loss, damage caused by illegal access when using "SILKYPIX Developer Studio SE Version" or its web contents and virus infections.

Agreement & Legal Procedures for Terms of Service

  1. Once a user begins using "SILKYPIX Developer Studio SE Version" or its web contents, the user is considered to be in agreement with all terms of service. Also, the terms of service may be modified if our company deems it necessary. If the user continues using this software or its web contents, the user is considered to be in agreement with the contents of the current terms of service.
  2. The governing laws for these terms of service shall be Japanese Law. Also, the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any first trial when a problem occurs between our company and a customer regarding "SILKYPIX Developer Studio SE Version," its web contents, or matters related to the terms of service.


  • Any actions that place a burden on this web server
  • Unauthorized transfer of images or contents from this webpage in whole or part
  • Other actions that violate any laws
  • Any violation of regulations established by our company

Registration of Required Items

When a customer uses our web contents, we may require them to register certain essential information.
In such cases, registration is a condition for usage.


Cookies are small pieces of information sent by the web server to the customer's browser to make internet operations more effective. Our company may use cookies in order to customize our website to the needs of our customers and in order to improve website contents and services. Each customer can set their browser not to receive cookies or to display an alarm when a cookie is received.
However, in such cases, the customer may be restricted from using certain personalized features.

Inquiry Regarding "Personal Information"

In order to prevent information leakage to a third party, when a customer wishes to confirm their personal information, we shall inform the customer's personal information stored by our company only when our company can confirm that the request has been made by the actual customer.
When a customer wishes to correct or modify their personal information, we shall modify or delete incorrect or old information only when our company can confirm that the request has been made by the actual customer.

Web Contents Services

Our company has the right to modify or eliminate web content services in whole or part if we deem it necessary.

Created on April 17, 2006
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