SILKYPIX Developer Studio 8 SE Startup Guide

10. Troubleshooting

10-1. Controls have disappeared

Initialize window positions and display states

If you have deleted the folder tree or parameters controls by error, go to the [Settings] menu and select [Initialize window positions and display states] in [Options]. This will reset the screen to its initial layout right after the software was installed.

10-2. RAW images do not open

Delete temporary files

If neither thumbnails nor a preview is displayed after loading RAW images, go to the [Help] menu and select [Delete temporary files] in [Troubleshooting]. If you do this, however, note that it may take some time for the RAW images to be loaded the first time. This is because temporary files have to be created again.

Install the latest version

Download the latest version of the software from the distribution source, and try installing it over the older version.

10-3. JPEG images are not displayed

Treat the same base name (file name without extension) files as a single image

Under the default settings, if there are RAW and JPEG files with the same base name, only the RAW file will be displayed. In order to display the JPEG file that was recorded at the same time, go to [Environment settings] in the toolbar and select 1. [Function settings]. On the [Function settings] window that is displayed, deselect the 2. [Treat the same base name (file name without extension) files as a single image] check box.

10-4. I want to return to default settings

Initialize development parameters

To restore the state before making adjustments (default state), go to [Parameters] in the menu bar and select 1. [Initialize development parameters].