SILKYPIX® Developer Studio 2.0 Software Manual

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"SILKYPIX® Developer Studio 2.0" enables to push the limit of picture quality with high level development process and to enhance potential of a camera and to take pictures.

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Table of Contents

0. Overview and Introduction
1. Software Start-up and Mode Selection
2. RAW Data File Loading and Display
3. Preview Mode and Thumbnail Mode
4. Development Parameter Adjustment
5. Development Execution
6. Useful Functions for Adjustment
7. Development Parameter Operation
8. File Operation
9. Setting
10. Techniques
11. Photographing Techniques
12. Super-High Techniques
13. Knowledge
14. Supported Camera List

15. Q & A
16. User Support
17. License Agreement
The information in this manual explains the Windows version and Macintosh version of software currently released in the SILKYPIX® Developer Studio 2005/9/1.
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